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Our Source of Energy is Solar

Increasing demands for energy, global warming and, of course, increasing prices, indicate that the time has come to step into an era of innovative energy technologies. Sustainable use of energy means employing the sun: direct solar, wind generation, hydroelectric power and biofuels. Today’s solar energy is an energy source without a carbon dioxide burden. In contrast, the use of ‘stored’ solar energy, fossil fuels, certainly adds carbon dioxide to our atmosphere.

Clearly, the current mix of energy sources is an important parameter of negative environmental impact, but in coming years this mix will evolve towards sustainable technologies with carbon dioxide neutrality. Technologies for future energy supply will be clean, reliable and cost-effective. This applies not only to the primary sources of energy, but also for much of energy management, such as effective converters and storage technologies. It is here that MAGNUM plays a key role. With long-term experience in control technology in the energy sector, MAGNUM is a strong partner for engineering, project management, system integration and installation of decentralized power plants based on renewable energy technologies.

International Projects

MAGNUM participates in several projects for installation and implementation of decentralized energy supply, in both industrial and developing countries. In close collaboration with component suppliers, MAGNUM manages the engineering, system integration, installation and initial operation of the new power plant. The need for decentralized and independent power plants is immense, especially in developing countries with inadequate energy supply and logistics for food and clean drinking water. MAGNUM maintains excellent business contacts in many of these nations and expects a rapidly growing market in these regions.