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Fuel cells & Electrolyser : Electricity and Energy efficient fuel (H2) sources

Fuel Cells & Electrolyser are sustainable sources for primary energy. With efficient converters, safe storage media and low-loss transports it will be essential part of tomorrow's energy technology. Fuel cells are energy converters that produce electricity and heat from hydrogen with high efficiency. The only exhaust gas produced is water vapor, which is produced by the reaction of hydrogen and oxygen from the air. Fuel cells are environmentally friendly, quiet and scalable over a wide power range. They can be refueled within a very short time. Their field of application ranges from micro fuel cells to small power plants.The development of reliable and cost-effective fuel cells requires a great deal of testing, both of the components and of complete fuel cell stacks. MAGNUM is a long-standing supplier of test and inspection technology for fuel cell technology and works closely with leading manufacturers in this industry.

MAGNUM Test and Inspection Technology for Fuel Cells

Test benches for use in research and development MAGNUM has many years of experience in the development and production of Test Benches for Fuel Cell and Electrolyzer. Magnum with iASYS Product Platform based solution offer test benches in a wide power range from 100 W up to 25 kW and more. The test benches can be used for all types of Fuel Cells Such as Proton Exchange Membrane (PEMFC), Direct Methanol(DMFC), Solid Oxide (SOFC), Alkaline(AFC), Molten Carbonate (MCFC) & PEMEC, SOEC, AEC Electrolysers respectivelly. Our fully automated test benches have a modular design and can be equipped according to the customer's requirements. Starting from a basic model, each test stand can be equipped with various functions, such as humidification, impedance measurement, additional gas connections and Gas Analysers, Thermal Chamber or a module for operation with methanol.

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Test Benches and Inspection Technology for Quality Assurance in Production

High-quality and error-free cell components are the key to reliable, long-lasting and thus marketable fuel cells. We offers testing technology for stacks, single cells and fuel cell components. In 2010, MAGNUM introduced a new test stand concept to the market, with which several individual cells can be measured in parallel. These test rigs are already successfully in operation at customers' sites and are mainly used for service life tests. We has also successfully developed ex-situ test methods for quality control for fuel cell components. Examples of this are integrity tests for the gas tightness of the MEA or fully automated thickness measurement of diaphragm or bipolar plate integrated into production. We are also happy to develop test methods for quality control tailored to your materials and components. Talk to us – we look forward to a successful cooperation

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