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Pipeline monitoring

Pipelines connect people

Heated living space, individual mobility, and the abundance of everyday life, all of this would not be possible without a secure supply of gas and oil. Vast networks of pipelines serve many countries and connect people over thousands of kilometers. Unattended long-distance transportation, halfway through extreme climatic conditions, is a challenge for pipeline management. Effective and reliable detection and localization of fuel leakage enables safer transport with minimum loss, accidents and environmental impact. MAGNUM is an established supplier of pipeline monitoring systems being successfully used worldwide.

LEO-Pipe® pipeline monitoring systems

Our pipeline monitoring system LEO-Pipe® ensures swift and reliable leak detection and localization in gas and liquid gas pipelines. LEO-Pipe® fulfills all requirements of the German ‘Technische Regel für Fernleitungsanlagen’ (TRFL) as well as the recommendations of API 1130 according to the standards of American Petroleum Institute. MAGNUM offers all-in-one solutions for pipeline monitoring assuring swift and distinct detection and localization of leakages by analyzing pressure, flow rate, and temperature. MAGNUM offers the following LEO-Pipe® solutions: the LEO-Pipe® Compliance Kit is a turn-key system, which includes sensors, installation, analysis, and data transfer. LEO-Pipe® Classic is a reliable and cost-effective solution for upgrading pipeline monitoring systems and its sensors. Please contact us for further information.